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Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc.

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation

Franklin Tennessee

Rescue & Rehabilitat‚Äčion

Since 2011

In our efforts to be 100% Eco-Friendly, we ask that you fill out our adoption application here through our website. If you do not feel comfortable with doing that or are unable to do that, let us know by calling 615-473-1803 and we'll print you a paper application.  

Please Note: All applications and/or contracts will be reviewed by Clover Patch Sanctuary. A member of our staff will contact you via email or phone. 


How Did You Hear About Us? (Check All That Apply)
Have You Ever Had A Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Small Animal/Bird/Waterfowl As A Pet Before?
Do You Own Snakes Or Other Retiles?
Have You Ever Bred Animals?
Are You Adopting This Animal(s) As A Gift?
Do You...
Is Your Home...
Are You Agreeable To Periodic Home Visits And/Or Phone Calls By A Member Of Our Staff To Check On The Welfare Of Your Adopted Pet(s)?
Do You Agree That If You Move From Your Current Address or Out-Of-State That You Will Notify A Member Of Clover Patch Sanctuary Of Your New Address & Phone Number?
Do You Agree To Contact Clover Patch Sanctuary If Your Adopted Pet(s) Die?
Do You Agree To Contact ONLY Clover Patch Sanctuary If You Wish To Surrender Your Adopted Pet(s) & ONLY Surrender Your Adopted Pet(s) To Clover Patch Sanctuary?
Do you agree that neither you or any other person(s) will punish this adopted pet(s) with corporeal punishments, spankings, deprivation of food/water or isolation or ANY punishment since that is cruel and you will ONLY use positive reinforcement with your adoptive pet(s).
Do you agree to treat this adopted pet(s) as a member of the family with all the rights and privileges that you would give to dogs/cats.
You are aware and willing to spend approximately $30-$40 per month on supplies, food and activities for your adoptive pet(s) and that amount does not include vet visits
You agree to take your adoptive pet(s) to a qualified veterinarian once a year for a check-up even if your adoptive pet(s) seems perfectly healthy.
You are willing to hire a pet sitter if/when you travel and will NEVER leave your adoptive pet(s) unattended during a vacation or trip
You will seek medical attention immediately for your adoptive pet(s) if he/she/they become ill.
You agree to provide proper grooming for your adoptive pet(s)
You agree to house your adoptive pet(s) properly in accordance to the guidelines set up by Clover Patch Sanctuary
You agree (if adopting a rabbit(s), guinea pig(s), small furry(ies) that you will never house your adoptive pet(s) outdoors for ANY REASON & any adoptive furry pet(s) adopted from Clover Patch Sanctuary will always be supervised during playtime outdoors by a person(s) over the age of 18 years old
You understand and accept that Clover Patch Sanctuary and/or any of its members and/or directors are not responsible for your adoptive pet(s) medical care cost(s)
You agree and accept that you must keep your adoptive pet(s) habitat clean in accordance with the proper guidelines provided by Clover Patch Sanctuary as this promotes good health for your adoptive pet(s)
RABBITS & GUINEA PIGS ONLY: You agree to feed your adoptive pet(s) unlimited amounts of grass hay as this promotes good health
GUINEA PIG ADOPTERS ONLY. You agree to suppliment your guinea pig(s) diet with appropriate vegetables containing Vitamin C
You will strive to make your adoptive pet(s) your companion and incorporate him/her/them into your home just as you would a dog or cat
You agree that you will ONLY pick up your adoptive pet(s) in the appropriate way as explained and demonstrated by Clover Patch Sanctuary
You fully understand that the animal(s) you are adopting are fragile creatures and must be handled respectfully. Therefore you agree and accept that you will alway supervise your adoptive pet(s) around children or persons under the age of 18 years old
You acknowledge and agree to the adoption fees charged by Clover Patch Sanctuary and that NO refunds are given on adoptive pet(s) when returned to Clover Patch Sanctuary.
DUCKS ONLY: You agree to provide an adequate water source for your duck(s) being adopted from Clover Patch Sanctuary
DUCKS & CHICKENS ONLY: If housing outdoors, you agree to provide predator-proof housing for your duck(s) and/or chicken(s) being adopted from Clover Patch Sanctuary & promise to always house them at night to protect said birds from predators?
DUCKS & CHICKENS ONLY: You agree to feed your duck(s) and/or chicken(s) a healthy and balanced diet and never feed grain or bread products as this is unhealthy for said birds
DUCKS & CHICKENS ONLY: I pledge that I am adopting said duck(s) and/or chicken(s) from Clover Patch Sanctuary as PETS ONLY and I will not slaughter nor eat them
ALL ADOPTERS: You agree that you are adopting said animal(s) from Clover Patch Sanctuary as PETS ONLY and never will slaughter and/or eat them.
You agree and accept that if ANY of the terms or condition of this contract are not met, that Clover Patch Sanctuary will reclaim your adoptive pet(s).
You understand and accept that Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc. has the right to refuse any adoption contract submitted to them.
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Thank you! Your information has been submitted successfully. If you haven't heard from us in 24 hours, please call or text us at (615) 473-1803. Please Note: If you have filled out this application with a smart phone, iPad, iPhone or tablet, we will NOT receive this form. Applications must be filled out via laptop or desktop computer.