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Clover Patch Sanctuary Inc.

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation

Franklin Tennessee

Rescue & Rehabilitat‚Äčion

Since 2011

Ginger's Journey

"Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods ... so let us celebrate the struggle!" (Swahili Warrior Song)

The Story

Ginger, a sweet bunny girl, entered our shelter several weeks ago... loving, responsive, spunky (loads of attitude), hopping like crazy, but with a very splayed leg. She didn't seem like she was in any pain. She hopped around with one good leg under her and totally ignored an obvious leg that just wasn't working quite right. It was literally as if her leg had been that way for some time and she had gotten used to it, but we didn't buy it. We knew she needed medical attention and soon... She's in pain! Over the next few days in our shelter and at the vet's office, Ginger's "well" leg began to splay and her toes began to curl. During this time, we were, along with our vets, trying to establish a pattern of WHY and WHY and WHY all the while Ginger's condition was deteriorating. After her initial x-rays, we knew our hard work was to really begin and Ginger's journey would begin as well! Her x-rays did show an obvious fracture that healed incorrectly so we were pretty certain at that point that Ginger had been dropped or she had gotten her leg caught on a wire bottom or wire sided cage. For days we scrambled around, trying to find a doctor that would perform the necessary FHO surgery on Ginger (as none of our current vets performed this type of surgery on rabbits) and then Chelsea (our shelter manager) remembered that Dr. Chad Given at Hillsboro Animal Hospital in Nashville had been working on a similar case for one of our bunny peeps. We called him... took her x-rays to him and on Monday, April 9th, after additional x-rays under anesthesia, he has determined that the splayed leg must be amputated to help Ginger live a wondrous and full of pain! We will no longer back track on the "whys" and only focus on Ginger's future! We are all hoping that her other leg that compensated for her first splayed leg will simply go back to its normal position and Ginger will one day soon be the normal, happy bunny that God intended her to be! Her amputation surgery will be Thursday or Friday, April 12th or 13th. Every day, we pray for her... Along with her many supporters. We've placed her in God's Hands to work through the awesome Dr. Given and his amazing staff! And so the journey continues.......

(Dr. Chad Given & Ginger)

A Message From Ginger

Ginger says THANK YOU to all of her bunderful contributors for her surgery!!

Chew Time For Ginger

Ginger didn't have her surgery today, but it's coming either Thursday or Friday. Only 1 leg (her bad one) needs amputation.

Ginger Post-Op


Ginger's Many Facebook Comments Of Support!!

Click For Larger Image!!

Ginger On The Mend Pt. 1

Check out our girl!!

Ginger's Surgery Day


Ginger On The Mend Pt. 2

Check her out!!

Ginger Post-Op

Ginger is doing GREAT after her surgery!

(Ginger's Journey Through Photos)

Ginger's Heroes!

Ginger & Clover Patch Sanctuary would like to THANK ALL of her sponsors & caregivers... You ARE Ginger's heroes!!!

Karen Ingram, Kim Hong Lim, Laura Duncil, Megan Bosket, Maryanne Sawaya, Julie Schroeder, Robert Englebrecht, Anita Caudle, Erika Nemeth, Dawn Holliday, Karen Warren, Ricardo Gomez, Catherine Coughlin, June Sisemore, Shiva Kasravi, Walter Salvatore, Lisa Rutledge, Donna Swan, Amy Radlinsky, Lyn Walker, David Rosen Wides, Jeffery Harris, Gayles Ebiz, Alison Pugh, Jennifer Case, Claudia Vargas, Jan Gregory, Marlene Richardson, Dr. Tonnie Ray & staff, Dr. Megan Harrison & Dr. Kathleen Kunkel & staff, Dr. Chad Given & staff, Laurie Temple, Katherine Johns

Day By Day With Ginger

4/12/12 9:34 p.m. By Amy Mott

Our Ginger came through her surgery with flying colors today thanks to the expertise of Dr. Given and his staff! Although we were told she would have to spend the night there, Dr. Given felt she'd do better at home in her playpen... And she is! She's eating hay and drinking water and nibbling on parsley!

4/16/12 9:15 a.m. By Amy Mott

Ginger is healing beautifully! She has started hopping semi-normally using that good leg! To look at her and play with her, you'd NEVER know that she's missing a leg. It's almost as if SHE wanted it gone too! She takes her meds like a champ and is playing with her toys again too! We are SO very happy!!!

4/18/12 9:05 p.m. By Amy Mott 

Ginger is getting better and better every day! We've got our re-check with Dr. Given on Friday so wish Ginger luck! I'm hoping she's well enough to come off of meds!!

4/26/12 7:00 a.m. By Amy Mott

Ginger is officially off her meds! She does have some "down" days at times so we give her a little Buprenex, but other than that, she's off all antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and gut motility drugs. She moves around so wonderfully! AND the best part is that she's ready for adoption to a wonderful, loving home!!

7/7/12 8:40 p.m. By Amy Mott

It's OFFICIAL!! Ginger has been adopted!! Her new Daddy, Rick Gomez, will be arriving on Wednesday, July 11th all the way from Texas to take his new daughter to her forever home!! Check back for pictures of this amazing bun Dad and his new little angel!!!

                             Rick and his new daughters, Ginger and Birdie!